We are relentless in moving boundaries and carry out this spirited attitude into interior designing solutions. Solutions that engage, inspire and make you think.

Established in 2004, K.K. Traders has been creating beautiful home decor solutions for over 11 years. K.K. Traders has exclusive partnerships with a number of iconic Indian and foreign brands, and that’s not all! K.K. Traders has also created its own exclusive designs which enable us to supply the best products from across the world.


K.K. Traders deals in Blinds, Splits, Curtains, Wallpapers, Decorative Films, Carpets, Floorings etc. with exclusive and luxurious window sheers, blinds, fabrics, stitching solutions, wallpapers, furnishing coordinates and specially ordered design products. At K.K. Traders we have conscientiously worked in amassing designs and products that meets every design and style sensibility.

We supply furnishings for:
  • Homes
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Apartments
  • Clinics
  • Studios
  • Schools and more..

Our exclusive collection includes hardware and accessories related to our main products. In addition, we also offer stitching expertise to ensure that all window treatments are executed properly.

Our Products and Services:
  • We deal in various types of
  • - Curtains
  • - Blinds
  • - Designer Wallpapers
  • - Floorings
  • - Carpets
  • - Decorative / Heat Reduction & Sun Control Films
  • - Curtain Tracks
  • - many more…
About founder:


Mr. Kartik Trivedi


Mr. Kartik Trivedi has started his real journey with establishing this estimed company named 'K.K. Traders'. The company has been established in 2004 in india. He has a vision to make the company more than service-oriented, which must be well-known for it's customer service. K.K. Traders has a huge number of customer base in india and mostly inside gujarat state.

Mr. Kartik Trivedi had started a journey with a dream of making the company one of the finest and best among the same industry. He has awarded a degree of B.Com and Master of Business & Administration in Marketing. He has earned a lot in terms of customer satisfaction. He focuses personally on every client they have.


K.K. Traders aims to become the finest curtain supplying brand not just limited to India but all over the globe. With this vision, we have brought together the best native and also international brands under one roof.


To educate people and spread the joy of fine window treatment. We have a passion for creating elegant, beautiful spaces and we aim to share our love for aesthetic, edgy, contemporary and classic designs.


Our innovative approach make us the best out of bests.


Our assistance during and after sales is our USP.

Art Work

Our art work and designs will definitely amaze you.

Valued Service

We provide products and valued service to dearest customers.

We grow brands by making decisions that are rooted in business strategy.

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